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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Kids?

If you’re a parent and your child needs some dental care, you may be wondering if you should choose pediatric sedation in Pinole, CA. Sedation can help your little one relax, feel more comfortable, and get the treatment they need without fear and intimidation. But is it really safe for your kids?

The answer is “yes.” Sedation dentistry at Gary D. Sabbadini, DDS, APC is 100% safe for kids of all ages. And in this blog, we’ll explain how Dr. Sabbadini and our team keep your child safe throughout their entire procedure.

It All Starts With An Appointment At Our Office

Safety starts with a consultation at Gary D. Sabbadini, DDS. If you’re interested in sedation, just let Dr. Sabbadini know before your child’s appointment. He will meet with you and discuss your child’s health, medications and supplements they’re taking, allergies, past health problems that may affect them, and other such important details about your child’s health.

With all of this information, Dr. Sabbadini can make sure that sedation is safe and appropriate for your little one, and recommend the right type of sedation for your child.

You Can Choose The Type Of Sedation That’s Right For Your Little One

Depending on your child’s health and Dr. Sabbadini's recommendation, you can choose between a few different types of sedation at our office:

  • Nitrous oxide – Nitrous oxide is the simplest and safest sedation method. Your child will use a mask to breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen. They’ll be totally awake and conscious, but will feel much more calm and relaxed.
  • Oral conscious sedation – We use a pill or liquid-based sedative for oral conscious sedation. Your child will remain conscious, but may feel groggy, fall asleep, or even forget most of what happens during your procedure.
  • General anesthesia – General anesthesia is very safe, but is more complex than other sedation methods. So usually, this sedation method is only used for very complicated procedures. We work with a highly trained dental anesthesiologist, Dr. Tom Lenhart of Bay Area Anesthesia, to help us care for your child's needs.

We’ll Keep A Close Eye On Them During Their Procedure

Our team is fully trained in sedation dentistry. Dr. Sabbadini and our team will keep a close eye on your child, their vital signs, and their overall condition throughout their appointment. In the extraordinarily rare case that something doesn’t look quite right, they will be standing by to take action. With our pediatric dental team in Pinole, CA, your little one will be in good hands.

Interested In Sedation Dentistry? Get The Care Your Child Needs Today

At Gary D. Sabbadini, DDS, we’re always here to help your family get the expert dental care they need in Pinole, CA. If you think your little one could benefit from sedation dentistry, get in touch with us today. Dr. Sabbadini is always accepting new patients, and our team is standing by to help. Give us a call at 510-724-4400, or contact us online to schedule an appointment and get started today.

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