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How Long Does Teething Last?

If you’re a new parent, you may be wondering when your child’s first teeth will come in, or when they’ll finally be done with teething and have all of their baby (primary) teeth. Teething is different for every child, so let’s get into the details in this blog from Gary D. Sabbadini, DDS, APC.

Teething Usually Starts Before Your Child Is A Year Old

Teething can begin as early as three months, but it usually starts when your child is between 4-7 months old. Your child’s front two bottom teeth are typically the first to erupt. These are also known as the lower “central incisors.” These are followed by the upper central incisors. After your child’s front teeth grow in, the rest of their teeth will start to erupt.

This is also when pediatric dentists recommend that your child sees the dentist for the first time. Your child should see a dentist when they get their first tooth or turn one year old, whichever comes first. Routine dental visits with Dr. Sabbadini help ensure that your little one’s baby teeth are healthy and erupting properly, which gives you peace of mind.

Teething Continues Until All The Baby Teeth Grow In, Around 3 Years Old

After the front teeth, your child’s other teeth will begin to erupt. Their lateral incisors, which are next to the front teeth, are next. Then, they’ll get their canines and both sets of rear molars. The timing for teething varies depending on the child. However, most kids have a full set of baby teeth once they’re three years old.

Once your child has all their baby teeth, they’ll keep them until they’re about six years old. Then, their baby teeth will start to fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. By the time they’re 12 years old, your child will usually have all of their adult teeth.

Our Top Teething Tips – Keep Your Little One Comfortable During Teething

Teething can be painful for kids. If your little one has a tooth erupting and they’re having trouble dealing with discomfort, here are a few tips from Dr. Sabbadini that may help.

  • Keep it cool – Letting your child gnaw on a cold washcloth or teething ring can help numb the area a bit, and provide relief from the discomfort of teething.
  • Give them yogurt, applesauce, or other cold food – Cold foods help numb the area, and can provide your baby with some relief while they teeth.
  • Chill some solid food – If they’re eating solid food already, eating cold food like bananas, strawberries, cucumbers, or carrots can also help your child with their discomfort.
  • Give them pain medication, if directed by your pediatrician – If your child’s doctor recommends it, you can give them an appropriate dose of medicine like children's Tylenol or Motrin to help with their discomfort.

Got Questions About Teething? Get Answers At Gary D. Sabbadini D.D.S., APC!

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