Stainless Steel Crown

Stainless steel crowns (SSC) are used to restore teeth that have decayed and/or broken down to a point that they are not strong enough to support fillings. They are stainless steel shells that are fitted over the affected tooth to restore that tooth's strength, form, and functional properties. 

SSC's are very durable. Primary (baby" teeth that have been restored with a SSC will shed (fall out) normally. Permanent teeth may also require stainless steel crowns until the patient is old enough to have a more permanent restoration.

SSC's are usually placed on back (molar" teeth but can also be used for front teeth.

Below is a patient with Dentinogenesis Imperfecta that had stainless steel crowns placed on all of the back teeth and NuSmile composite veneered crowns on the front teeth:

They can also be used in Hall Crown Treatment